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Flat Bonnie's BFFs "Oopsie & Poopsie" - Bunny Poop Plush Set - Handmade


Oopsie & Poopsie - The Bunny Poop Plushes.
This set comes with 1 Oopsie & 1 Poopsie plush. Perfect for the bunny lover in your life.

Oopsie & Poopsie are Flat Bonnie's BFFs.
Watch out!!! Flat Bonnie sometimes throws Oopsie & Poopsie at mean people who abuse bunnies and other animals.

Size: about 2 1/2" x 3" each (7cm)
Color: Oopsie (Brown), Poopsie (Dark Brown)
Eyes: Black non-removable safety eyes
Material: Soft Fleece

Oopsie & Poopsie are handmade and have safety eyes (non-removable).
Oopsie & Poopsie love to cuddle with you, but should not be played with by small children who love to eat stuffed animals.

**All items are handmade using only animal friendly materials.
A portion of sales is donated to bunny and/or animal rescue organizations monthly.
Flat BonnieĀ® characters are original designs and copyright protected.
Flat BonnieĀ® is a registered trademark